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Briar Martin - Wizard
« on: February 11, 2019, 09:15:42 AM »
Character Model:  Sebastian Stan
Ghost Tag:  Sweet Surrender

Name (including Aliases): Briar Sameth Martin , Known as Briar and Sam
Age:  27
Height:  6' (1.83 m)
Marital Status:  Single
Known Relatives:  Mother: Johanna [deceased] Father: Sameth  Siblings: Lachlan, Calanthe and Ashton. Step-Father: Jack.
Occupation: Musician, Waiter.
Wand: Larch with Dragon heartstring

- Born in Romania.
- Raised in Wales until he was six then moved to America after his mother died.
-Both parents were from the UK so he and his siblings were on Hogwarts registration rather than Ilvermornys.
- Was sorted into Hufflepuff but mainly kept to himself.
- His father remarried when Briar was thirteen.
- Became friends with Emerson at Hogwarts after their fathers were married.
- Formed a band with his friends when he was sixteen. His bandmates are muggles. – The King Surrenders.
- He finished Hogwarts and focused his energy into his music as his friends and he wanted to make something of TKS.
- The King Surrenders was signed when Briar was nineteen and became an ‘overnight success’ in the muggle world.
- Briar and his band mates have enjoyed the high life since they were nineteen.  Briar has remained clean and sober during that time, deciding to focus on the music but his bandmates have not.
- The lead singer and face of The King Surrenders, Cole Matthews, died of an overdose on Jan 5th. The band and record company were able to keep it quiet for a week but it inevitably came out causing their legion of fans to go into mourning and people to start demanding answers from the rest of the band and their label.
- On the 15th of Jan The King Surrenders drummer, Aaron ‘AJ’ Jones died of a suspected drug overdose causing more drama for the remaining band members and an inquire to be opened.
- Briar is taking a break and staying with his step-brother Emerson while everything blows over and he and the remaining band member decide what’s next for them.